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    What a surprise!! New brand name. Congrats @Support

    (TB) Banned Members Enhancements


    This plugin adds some new features related to handling better banner members. Features: Setting to mark banned member photos so that administrators and moderators can recognize them right away. Setting to hide banned followers in profiles from normal members. Setting to block normal members and guests from accessing banned members profiles. Setting to change a member's group when banning them permanently. The group change works only if the member isn't already being moved to a different group. Setting to move back the member into the Members group (used for new registrations) when removing a permanent ban. Przejdź do sklepu

    [IPS News] Keep it simple, silly!


    Welcome to my first Invision Community blog post! For those that haven't yet seen me making my way around this community, I'm Gary, and I have just recently joined the Customer Service team at Invision Community. I want to take this moment to thank the staff for giving me such an amazing opportunity and welcoming me with open arms. My history goes way back to circa 2004-2005 (I was still in high school) where I first dug my hands into forums and forum software in the good old Invisionfree days. Through the years I have created too many communities to count, including my own free post-to-host hosting service (remember those days?). Some were successful and so many others were anything but. Little did I know these experiences would only get me more and more hooked into this virtual world! Forums have been more to me than just an invaluable source of information. They are communities of like-minded people sharing their knowledge, experiences, hobbies and most of all, coming together in a common place to just be themselves. I have experienced nearly every forum software out there, though I always made my way back to the Invision Community suite of products as I not only found it to be a very powerful and dynamic bit of kit, but it always provided the solutions I wanted and needed for my communities. I thought I would share some tips on things that have worked for me when creating my own community. This will make up part one of a set of planned blog entries relating to community tips in the coming weeks, so stay tuned! Use the KISS principle. One thing I have found in order to engage guests and new and existing members of my community is to incorporate the 'Keep it simple, silly!' principle. When you visit a community and you're overwhelmed with categories, forums and unnecessary pinned topics, you are actually not doing yourself a favour. It mostly adds confusion to your community and does the complete opposite to having things organised. Too much clutter is never a good thing, and keeping things orderly and ensuring content is concise will provide your members with a more comfortable and easier overall experience. I did not incorporate this principle into my communities, and soon realised that was a huge contributor to the cause of their demise. 😅 Keep some of these in mind: Can I combine forums that are similar in content? Do I need so many separately pinned topics? Can I write more concisely? Targeting this point on the more administrative side of things like 'how to use this forum' topics, forum descriptions, etc. Are there things that are already self-explanatory and do not require repeat descriptions or mentions? Can I use less jargon and target my writing to a wider audience? Am I using too many graphics? If the above is not a factor, can graphics assist in reducing large chunks of plain text? When is too much, in fact, too much? Quality over quantity as they say. How about, less is more? Whatever stance you take and whichever influential quote you can most relate to, you want your audience to feel welcomed, not overstimulated with irrelevant content you think they need to see. Let your audience guide your community. I will delve into this further in the next blog entry. I'll leave it there for this edition, otherwise I may just keep you here all day... I'm sure there are many of you who are doing this so well already, so please share your own useful and proven tips and tricks. What have you found works for you and your community? What is something you are doing differently or uniquely in an effort to keep it simple? Wyświetl pełny artykuł

    Default Borders


    Works for the following: Videobox Chatbox+ Forum Blog Gallery Downloads Pages Clubs Commerce Calendar Leaderboard Przejdź do sklepu

    Default Burnt Orange Gradient


    Works for the following: Videobox Chatbox+ Forum Blog Gallery Downloads Pages Clubs Commerce Calendar Leaderboard Przejdź do sklepu
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